Architectural Challenge 2020: Vacation House

2020 06 18

Architectural Challenge 2020: Vacation House

Finally, we are back on track, manufacturing modules and fulfilling the needs of the businesses. After COVID19 situation here in Lithuania, we see a surge of inquiry’s for vacation houses, houses to get away from the city life during next possible quarantine or as the job market changed their habits, work remotely from somewhere else than an office space.

For our this years competition, we ask you to design a vacation house of 35sq.m. and additional building - sauna of up to 15 sq.m., this building complex has to be design for two people to live in and host other two people on weekend basis. We provide you with imaginable buyer portrait for better understanding of the characters who will live there, which could be found in Project Brief & Rules and Regulations file.

In this year competition we do not aim at single, identified location, we leave this part open, let your creativity loose, design the best vacation house you know. We believe that You as well as most of us have experienced lockdown living and now you are more experience creators on what is essential for spending much of your time at home, both living and working full time.

Competition is free of charge and is open for all level architecture students and practitioners. Simply register here -REGISTRATION FORM


The three winning projects will be awarded the main prize:
Ist place – 1 000 EUR
IInd place – 500 EUR
IIIrd place – 250 EUR


Competition dates:

End of registration by 2020 July 12th

Submission of the final work - 2020 July 31st (23:59 EET/UTC+2h)

Competition results announcement: 2020 August  21st



- Andrius Orlovas (JSC “Ryterna modul“ CEO)

- Donatas Cesiulis (Architect, Ryterna modul competition two time 3rd place winner (2014/2015))

- Giacomo Caputo (Architect and Ryterna modul competition winner of 2019)

- Ignas Uogintas (architect and partner at “Do Architects”)

- Kęstutis Vaikšnoras (architect at “Dvieju grupe“)


Project Brief & Rules and Regulations


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