Architectural Challenge 2020: Vacation House

Architectural Challenge 2020: Vacation House

2020 06 18

Architectural Challenge 2020: Vacation House Winners!

It seems that nothing in 2020 is that simple anymore. While we anticipated receiving many projects, we did not expected to receive more than 200 projects from 58 countries! This was the cause why we had to slightly delay this important announcement. We wanted to go through submitted projects, to pick the best ones for consideration and evaluation in the final stage. Discussion with the jury was not that easy as well, as due to COVID19 situation, some of our jury members could not join as on live discussion. Yet despite all the troubles, we pushed through the bad things and arrived to the conclusion on final TOP3 and Honorable mention for this year.

Let us introduce you to this year WINNERS of Ryterna modul Architectural challenge 2020 VACATION HOUSE!


"Ryterna modul" Architectural Challenge 2020: Vacation House Winners

First place – Project 2 / DUO

Architects: Eglė Kliučinskaitė (21) – student and Marius Lukošiūnas (28) – freelance architect

Could you tell us your how you approached the task?
We started modelling spaces and tried to imagine the feelings, atmosphere, which Lisa and Peter could enjoy in their vacation house. Our discussion was about possible scenarios and necessary spaces for living, working and enjoying environment. The nature became a key factor in our project.

Therefore, we followed personal experience of staying, living in a small Lithuanian city, almost countryside. Conclusion was that even staying in a small 35m² vacation house you can feel the full comfort and the majesty of nature, if everything is well thought out.


Why you deiced to join our competition?
The competition seemed to be a challenge, why?

THE TASK. We believe that it is little bit easier to create big spaces than smaller ones. We were forced to think about the most necessary spaces for human, also, functionality and aesthetics. This time we had to find correlation between comfortable and at the same time wild 'spartan' living conditions. That combination was interesting!
THE WAY. Modules attracted us a lot - we think that it has a great potential for modern living nowadays. The task forced to analyze new modular systems and think more about environment friendly solutions. 


Second place – RM20MH20SP


Architect: Viktoria Matryuk (27) – student (master degree)

Could you tell us your how you approached the task?

The idea of the project was not merely to design a house but to develop a tool that will allow people to create their own homes that meet all their specific wishes and needs. In a situation when demand for building individual dwellings is high and the time for design and construction processes is limited, my goal was to find a middle between using typical modular elements and creating unique, customizable designs. Thinking of potential clients, I tried to develop a user-friendly approach that will make a process of planning a house easy and playful. Thus a structure of a typical module was designed with consideration of possible interconnections between modules and several variations of those interconnections. The aim was to achieve possibilities for flexibility and variability of final building designs. The final house project proposal is just one of many possible solutions.

Why you deiced to join our competition?
The main reason for taking part in a competition was the connection of a topic with a modern-day situation and, at the same time, the realization that the current reality of an epidemic and quarantines will influence our view on how we leave and work in the future. This competition was a chance for me to think about one of the possible outcomes of today’s situation - increasing demand for private housing as a desire to have a getaway place from cities. It was interesting to think about how the architectural and construction market can meet this increased demand and what kind of ideas and solutions could be created.  


Third place – LIGHOUCAB


Architect: Bartosz Plaza (21) - student

Could you tell us your how you approached the task?

My design goal was to create a unique space for users where they could isolate themselves from the rest of the world and relax. In shaping the building, I focused on pragmatism, minimalism and functionality.

Why you deiced to join our competition?

Modular construction is, in my opinion, very interesting and future-proof. The Ryterna competition is an opportunity to learn more about the topic and try to design a house for specific users, which makes this competition really fascinating and unique.


Honorable mention – 1400065001


Architect: Julia Malkova (23) – graduated student | PORTFOLIO

Could you tell us your how you approached the task?

The main points in architecture for me are safety and comfort. From the point of formation, I use the contrast of geometric purity and human emotions. In presented project this effect is proposed by the play of blank side walls fixing the space and giving the feel of shelter. The effect is enhanced by picture windows blurring the boundaries between housing and nature. The house could be adapted to the design area and relief as it does not have fixed base and could be composed in variety of forms. It is also furnished with the renewable energy equipment that make it self-sustained and environmental-friendly.

Why you deiced to join our competition?

The summer of 2020th forces urban people to run into the problem of monotony and isolation. The project became a chance to think about the prototype of perfect country house.

Here are the final four:

On behalf of all Ryterna modul team we say a truly big THANK YOU for all of you who took time and effort on think, designing and presenting your ideas to us.


For our this year competition, we ask you to design a vacation house of 35sq.m. and additional building - sauna of up to 15 sq.m., this building complex has to be design for two people to live in and host other two people on weekend basis. We provide you with imaginable buyer portrait for better understanding of the characters who will live there, which could be found in Project Brief & Rules and Regulations file.

In this year competition we do not aim at single, identified location, we leave this part open, let your creativity loose, design the best vacation house you know. We believe that You as well as most of us have experienced lockdown living and now you are more experience creators on what is essential for spending much of your time at home, both living and working full time.


The three winning projects will be awarded the main prize:

Ist place – 1 000 EUR
IInd place – 500 EUR
IIIrd place – 250 EUR


Competition dates:

End of registration by 2020 July 12th

Submission of the final work - 2020 July 31st (23:59 EET/UTC+2h)

Competition results announcement: 2020 August  24tH



- Andrius Orlovas (JSC “Ryterna modul“ CEO)

- Donatas Cesiulis (Architect, Ryterna modul competition two time 3rd place winner (2014/2015))

- Giacomo Caputo (Architect and Ryterna modul competition winner of 2019)

- Ignas Uogintas (architect and partner at “Do Architects”)

- Kęstutis Vaikšnoras (architect at “Dvieju grupe“)

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