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endless possibilities for everyone’s needs

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Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2022: Cycling Tourism Complex
Our Competition for 2022 finally has come to an end. Take a closer look at the projects and what the winners had to say about their projects and themselves.
Modular Residential House
The first modular residential house in Lithuania that meets the A ++ energy efficiency class and maintains our high sustainability requirements.
McKinsey Report.
Speaking about modular construction we would like to share a very short review in trends and driving forces for growth of modular construction. A McKinsey Report.
Special lightweight modules for transport by helicopter
Our partner received an order to make lightweight modular houses could be transported by helicopter to remote areas where they will be built power lines and will need to build temporary homes for those who work there workers. You ask why by helicopter? Everything is very simple...
About us
Manufacture of modular buildings, containers and mobile buildings.
Every year we are expanding our focus on raising people's qualifications in Lithuania and abroad. We expand our production base as required, welcome new specialists, implement innovations and quality control systems. In 2021, the production area of ​​Ryterna modul increased to 23000 m2 and the production capacity from 2022 to 3500 modules per year.