About us

Ryterna modul  is a division of  UAB Ryterna producing modular buildings, containers and mobile constructions. The division employs 160 skilled professionals with experience in business, engineering, manufacturing and sales. Every year we expand in Lithuania and abroad with a particular focus on the development of  our professional skills. We increase our production facilities according to the growing market, employ experts in new areas, implement innovations and quality control systems. In 2016 Ryterna modul production area increased to 7500 m2, production capacity - 1200 modules per year. Experience, qualified staff and production base allows us to design and manufacture high quality products that meet European standards. Company operates under the ISO 9001 EN standard, welding procedures are carried out under EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 standard. We supply costumers  through branch offices or authorised representatives to Lithuania, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Belarus. JSC Ryterna has more than 10 years of experience in these markets, and a large number of reliable, loyal customers and partners.

Ryterna modul, UAB is a member of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (AHK). As part of the international network of German Chambers of Commerce,  AHK comprises more than 460 member companies in all three Baltic states. The AHK maintains offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

Our advantages are:

  • large production capacity;
  • flexible approach;
  • reliable partners, supplying us with certified products;
  • an extensive experience in cooperation with foreign partners;
  • products meeting European standards;
  • container frames are welded so the modules are robust and durable;
  • frames are made of  3-4 mm sheet steel with a choice between standard or non standard units.;
  • we will respond to your request about production and supply within 24 hours;
  • our products can be delivered throughout Europe;
  • we perform the installation and dismantling services, including upgrading and repair work.


While working in the manufacturing sector, we are responsible not only for what we produce, but also for the impact on our surroundings - environment.
That is why we set goals to protect the environment we all live in, which aims:

  • To reduce air pollution, with the introduction of new, cleaner technologies.
  • Protect the environment by reducing waste and emissions.
  • Rationally use raw materials and energy.
  • Control use of raw materials and its impact on the environment.
  • Carefully sort and deliver for recycling all possible production and non-production waste
  • Monitor and evaluate current impact on the environment and keep it as low as possible
  • When choosing a supplier, give priority to suppliers who have established environmental protection policy.
  • When working with contractors and subcontractors require them to act according to our environmental protection policy.

The company's environmental protection policy is a baseline to achieve our environmental objectives. The company's management takes full responsibility for this environmental protection policy and encourages all employees to focus their efforts to achieve the best possible results and fulfill our objectives.

Ryterna modul has been successfully working under ISO 9001 certified quality standard management system. Systematic and continuous actions to ensure the quality of the products is spot on, which is determined by increasing orders and new customer traffic every year.
Our baseline for quality policy:

  • To develop each employees’ responsibility for their work and the quality of products.
  • To improve workers' compensation system, evaluating performance and responsibility for the quality of products.
  • Improve and modernize the technology used for modules production.
  • Systematic development of employees’ qualifications.
  • Enabling employees to work efficiently, ensuring social security and benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding.
  • The requirement for suppliers to supply only high quality materials or products that meet requirements set for our products.
  • Continuous improvement of quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2001 standard.

This quality policy system helps to investigate and eliminate the cause of nonconforming products. System ensures that discrepancies are removed and will not be repeated in the future, with all claims for modular building quality being recorded, analyzed and all measures taken to search for solutions to control their implementation.

To ensure perfect quality and durability of our welding process we work in accordance with DIN EN 1090-2: 2008 standard, thus ensuring not only the quality of the welding points or seams, but at the same ensuring the integrity of the whole frame or single structural part.

Company executives and all employees are constantly taking care of the quality in the production - it is an integral part of our business. Management of the company aims to:

  • Promote the company’s’ quality policy.
  • To recognize employees' merits, creative initiative and to encourage them to strive for better results.
  • Provide practical and useful ideas for implementation.
  • Annually review of the quality policy.

JSC Ryterna module in order to conserve natural resources and do less damage to the surrounding environment uses an energy management policy in which:

  • Systematically assess the energy consumption
  • Energy flows are mapped and kept up to date;
  • The planning and implementation of energy conservation measures;
  • Periodically assess the energy saving results;
  • Energy consumption is constantly planned to improve energy efficiency activities.

By implemented and keeping the above principles, we hope that it will reduce energy consumption, which will allow us not only to live in a cleaner environment, but also make us more attractive manufacturers of modular buildings in the market.

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