We produce according to TEK 10

2013 01 24

TEK 10 – building regulations  in Norway


The process in    factory in Josvainai

A new service in Josvainiai factory :)

A house on sledges -  a new service in Josvainiai. We can offer banquets, excursions ( the smily driver will tell You native legends and sing native songs). In case of emergency - transportation service available.

P.S. It was a joke (the service, not the product).

The exhibition "MY DOG" in Göteborg

2013 01 11

On the 4th - 6th of January at the exhibition MY DOG - kennels made by "Ryterna modul"

B2B Contact Market in Oslo

2012 12 12

Our colleagues have visited a contact market in Oslo. The journey was successful -men returned safe, contacts established.

The right choice of our norvegian partners

2012 11 07

 Our partners in Norway seem to be satisfied with their decission to choose our modules, because

sometimes the right  choice can be missed (See picture Nr. 2)




The first snow

2012 10 26

We've got the first snow in Lithuania!!!!

We are for a „clean“ country !

We participate in a project of closing old dumps in Vilnius district. These “tasty“  green modular houses are made by Ryterna modul

Every platform consists out of  three parts: office modul, electricity modul and hazardous waste container.

Nice look and undisputed quality. Made in Ryterna modul.


Our clients