Student dormitory

Student dormitory module was first exhibited in RESTA 2014 trade show in Lithuania.

Basic idea of this module is to provide comfortable and cozy housing solution for students. These modules can be joined together forming different shape and size that best utilizes the space dedicated for the construction of such building.

dormitory exploaded view

Every module has heat insulation and is fire-resistant. Then all modules are connected together, all building outer walls are heat insulated and hanging faced is putted on. Also these modules might be supplied with all the equipment necessary to start living once the modules communications are set up, meaning that it has all the furniture, bathroom and kitchen already installed and ready to be operated.

Regarding the level insulation of the module, it can be prepared to the specification of the customer.

Heat insulation (U-Value):
Ceiling:0,36 - 0,12 (10-30cm MW)
Walls:0,18 - 0,12 (20-30 cm MW)
Floor:0,12 (30cm MW)
Windows: from 1,4 - 1,1
Doors: from 2,9 - 0,81

Exhibited modul parameters:
Inner modul dimensions: 6952x2628x2500-2550 (step-up)
Weight: 6000kg

This module fulfills all construction technical requirements and is equipped with ceramic tiles in the bathroom, fully furnished bathroom, LED lighting system, full furniture pack (including fridge, heat plate, hood)

Furthermore, we can offer heating system based on your preferred type and if you wish, there is a possibility to install recuperation system or optimal air-conditioning system as well.

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