Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2019 SUBURBAN HOUSE

The day we announce the winners of our 5th international architecture competition - Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge Suburban House 2019!

This year we received 78 different projects from all of you and to be truly honest, it was very hard to pick the winners of this year’s challenge. We debated a lot to eventually come at the conclusion of which of the works are the best three.
Therefore, without further ado here are the winners of our competition:

and here are their projects:


We here at RYTERNA MODUL sincerely say THANK YOU ALL for taking part at our competition and BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes for the winners from our jury members!

What's next? All the winners will be contacted in person via e-mail in which you will find details on further steps.

Please take a look at the video (see below) were you will find what jury had to say about the projects that won.

We hope to see you all taking part in next year competition. We hope to get back to you with new and creative task for the next year challenge.


This is what our winners had to say why they took part in our competition:
1st place winner:
"I found this competition an excellent opportunity to continue my personal research on the theme of housing. Particularly interesting was the possibility to work for specific users' needs, taking into account the climatic and environmental characteristics of a real place. It was an excellent architectural exercise for young architects." - Giacomo Caputo.

Giacomo currently work as architect at Karl Dudler Architekten in Frankfurt am Main.

Other competitions he has won:

- 1° PRIZE "Habitat for Inhabitants, Lima's human right to housing" organized by DNADD Responsive Architecture, 2018 - to add more, he says "I recently won a competition in Lima, Peru'. The main goal was to purpose a modular housing concept (max. 1300$) to host people living in very bad conditions in the slums of Lima. The idea I purposed will be constructed during this year. I believe that the work of an architect becomes important first of all when he succeeds in proposing concrete solutions to improve people's daily lives."

 - HONOUR MENTION "Syria post-war housing" organized by Matterbetter, 2016

- 2°PRIZE "Ryterna Modul Architectural Challenge 2015"

- Best thesis awards regarding the city of Bari, 2012

- Master in Collective Housing 2012, Madrid


You can look at his portfolio here


2nd place winners:
"I believe that prefabrication and modularity are one of the best way to realize really sustainable buildings." - Giuseppe Mecca.

This is his selection of recent competitions and their achievments:

- "Future House 2018 - Modular House" - date: 2018 - result: honorable mention;

- eVolo - 2014 Skyscraper Competition - date: 2014 – result: project selected-published;

- IQU 8 - Residential area with high energy efficiency, Florence Italy - date: 2013 – result; prize/built;

- IQU 8 - Experimental Project Nearly Zero Energy Building, Prato Italy - date: 2013 – result: prize/built;

- API - ARTIC PERSPECTIVE INITIATIVE, Dortmund, Germany - date: 2009 - result: first prize;

- LIVE THE BOX, Newark, U.S.A. - date: 2008 - result: honorable mention;

- PEEP Villa Pizzetti, Grosseto Italy - date: 2006 - result: first price/built;

- LIVINBOX, Bari Italy- date: 2006 - result: special mention.

You can find additional information about Giuseppe here: www.giuseppemecca.com


3rd place winner:
"The topic of this year competition interested us to take part in the competition" - Vladimir Enchev &Toska Kalinova.


Vladimir Enchev – Architect in LP GROUP (http://lpgroup.bg/)

Toska Kalinova – Architect in Erta Consult (http://ertaconsult.com/)


Other competitions they have won:

- Ryterna Modul 2016

Portfolio of their can be found here:

- Vladimir

- Toska

THANK YOU for being part of our yearly competition and we hope to see you next year in our upcoming new competition!


We are very proud to announce our fifth international competition for architects - Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2019 Suburban HOUSE

Our 2018 tiny house competition gain a big media attention and became quite a hit. This year we are back with truly interesting project, yet it is still about the modular house, but this year task ask you to deal with fictional family characters to create spaces for their needs within a house. To add more, all of you will be playing in the same playground, we prepared an actual piece of land for you or your team to work on.

SUBURBAN HOUSE is the theme for our modular competition this year. You will have  a 12 ares piece of land to work and create the best possible house for our family of 4, which has quite a different needs, so your brains will have to really think on how to bring all four different personalities into a happy living space under one roof.

We would like for you to take a look at our rules and regulations file as it has some more details for your project - like family description, their budget, location of their land.

Worth to mention that your designed suburban house should feature modular construction which is transportable by truck.

In our Jury you will find: last year competition winner Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi and also our two time 3rd place winner in 2014 and 2015 competition Donatas Cesiulis! This time they will be working together with other experienced Independent architects, company's CEO on selecting the best 3 designs..

The AIM of this year challenge is to present a SUBURBAN HOUSE which fits the family needs and qualifies under other criteria presented in our rules and regulations files.

The best 3 designs will be awarded in cash prizes:
1st place – 1 000 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 250 EUR

Here are the dates to be aware of:

  • End of registration - 2018 November 25th
  • Submission of the final work - 2019 January 28th 23:59 EET/UTC+2h
  • Competition results announcement - 2019 February 15th

Rules and regulations: HERE

Location: DWG and scheme files updated 24-11-2018 RAR file (Additional location images)


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