WOOD type

Buildings with wooden frame

Ryterna modul WOOD modules
Ryterna modul WOOD type modules Wood1.0 Wood3.0 modular buildigns
Ryterna modul WOOD type modules Wood1.0 Wood3.0 modular buildigns

Our offered WOOD modular system provides you with the quality and comfort of a permanent building offering flexibility for customization options to tailor our WOOD modules to your special needs. It is ideally suited for construction sites, offering office space, living quarters, changing rooms, sanitary units or any other space necessary for successful construction site work or other type of operation.

With unlimited floor space, appropriate ceiling height you can create rooms that look and feel light and airy offering wide range of possibilities to create for example perfect construction site premises. We consider them as a top quality modules as they offer best mix of materials, built quality and range of functions together with functionality.

Interior of WOOD modules is always kept pleasant by the use of efficient ventilation and electric heating, other options such as cooling or other heating methods are available on request. To keep your business running smoothly telecommunication and internet lines can be pre-installed and ready to be used.

Technical descriptions:
WOOD 1.0
WOOD 3.0

Ryterna modul Wood type modules

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