Kennels for dogs

Kennel frames are made of rectangular profiles, and wall segments of durable steel rods or wooden planks. All metal parts are galvanized, and thus protected from corrosion. They have an impregnated wooden base. The roof is made according to your request.. The roof height and direction of water flow can be adjusted, so that your pet will feel comfortable in all seasons, and it will be comfortable for you to enter.

Kennels for dogs are made according to the European Union animal protection requirements:

  • kennels are made of modular structures according to size.
  • ensure safe feeding if a dog is left in the care of others.
  • the latch can have a lock.
  • we can deliver and install it, or move the kennel to another location.
  • we can manufacture an insulated kennel that suits your pet's size.
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Kennels for dogs

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