Ryterna modul & APL

Ryterna modul believes that in summer there is nothing better than you and your bike driving off-road, just inches from Lithuanian border and all around the Lithuania. That is why, we sponsorship such events as "Kelionė APLINK LIETUVĄ" (APL)

Video from APL:

More about APL: (In Lithuanian)

Rmodul 2013, the 2nd go-kart championship

The 2013.06.26, the event of Rmodul go-kart  2nd championship

Congratulations to the first three!!!

Važiavimas 1 2 3    
Dalyvis: Place Points Place Points Place Points Total points Place
Ramunas 2 8 6 1 1 10 19 1
Irmantas 1 10 4 3 4 3 16 2
Andrius 3 6 5 2 2 8 16 3
Darius 5 2 3 6 3 6 14 4
Gediminas 4 3 2 8 5 2 13 5
Vainius 6 1 1 10 6 1 12 6


Video is here:

Joy of Irmantas!

Recently Irmantas back yard was visited by lithuaniain stork, which brought him a newborn! Therefore, we would like to congratulate Irmantas and his wife with their first baby girl of the family and wish them all the best in rising their kid.

TEK 10 modular buildings reached Norway

2013 05 31

Nær Stavanger, samlet nybygg Risavikos port den første virkelig store modulære bygningen,

produsert i samsvar med TEK 10 standarder av Norge.
Bygningen har vært brukt ti stykker 10,3 x 2.99 xh 3,3m8 moduler. Formål - administrative og garderober.
4 personer tå montage 3 uker ..


Near Stavanger at the new port of Risavka - our first big compelx of TEK 10 standard was assembled*

There were assembled 10 modules 10.3 x 2.99x h 3.38m.  For redressing and accomodation purposes.

4 people worked for 3 weeks.

6 more modules will be assembled by the customers.

*TEK 10 – Norvegijoje patvirtintas statybos  standartas. Itin efektyviai taupantis šilumą.


RYTERNA GROUP celebrated it's 20th anniversary

                                             NEW factory and office opened
                                             WARM words said
                                            SMILES - delivered.
                                             DANCES - danced.
                                             MASTERPIECES -painted


Architecture Contest

2013 05 10

In March of 2013 RYTERNA MODUL iniciated a corporate project with architecture students of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius Academy of Arts and Kaunas University of Technology .

The main idea  was to create a project of a modular building (like cafeteria, Formula type hotel, kindergarten,  recreation centre,  etc... ). It was really interesting to start a dialogue with future architects and  not only to hear, but see and evaluate their visualised attitude towards  the adaptability of modular buildings in modern architecture.


Here are the projects for Your judgement.


Modul with the transportation frame

2013 02 21

A container with a frame for pulling onto a specialized transport.
That enables module transportation to remote locations, where ifting equipment unavailable,
also transportation cost reduction.

Roll Forming Machine

2013 02 13

A new arrival to our factory - a new model of  the building to our customers.


2013 02 02

Mini hairdres's, cardio bikes. coffee shop, kiosk, betting point.
There are a lot of possibilities in the field  mobile contructions.


Dog show KIKA CUP 2013

2013 01 28


Last weekend's dogs show  gathered not only unexpectedly many participiants, but also  attracted our potential clients,

Qualified dog raisers raited our kennels for quality, comfort and esthetics.



Our clients