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Last week we enjoyed laughing terapy seminar provided by "Laugh academy", main aim of the seminar was to make people laugh more (at work and at home), to get to know your colleges better, and all together share some funny moments from the personal life stories.

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ryterna modul laugh academy
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What's new at our world?

Well January started with an arrival of new temporary employee with the possibility of staying with a permanent job contract. So let me introduce Steve - the Robot:

Ryterna modul and Steve - the Robot
He is doing well and it seems that he is a quick learner!

Furthermore, on January one of our engineers became a father for the second time, he is okay, don't worry, but currently he is on paternity leave. It seems, that he knows how to engineer his babies!

Congratulations Donatas!

And finally, we haven't told you yet, but we are working on adopting ERP system, which should be released and take effect on the beginning of March. That will let us plan and control manufacturing processes in more detail and give you a more precise manufacturing time, as well as, ensure all manufacturing data to be stored and if needed, it will allow us to track back to the root of the problem, ensuring your peace of mind with every product made by us.


Winners of RYTERNA MODUL Architectural Challenge 2015!

HELLO!!! Its is time to announce the WINNERS of this year RYTERNA MODUL ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGE 2015 competition. So without further ado here are this year winners:

We are very happy to announce the winners of this year Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015!

Winners of this competition:
1st place: Elisa Nicoletto (IT) - project Just Home (2310381783)
2nd place: Giacomo Caputo (IT) - project
Collective House (GC1122LP42)
3rd place: Donatas Cesiulis (LT) - project
Social Housing Complex NERIS (8249737275)
Honourable Mention: Preyan Mehta (IN) - project

On behalf of all Ryterna modul I would like to thank you all for taking part in this challenge, we had a big discussions then we tried to choose the best 3 works, and it wasn't easy. All projects were unique, some of the projects payed attention to the integration processes of the asylum seekers, some didn't, but provided great solutions from our, as a company, point of view, some of you located housing in very upscale and nontraditional areas for this kind of projects, which had to be taken into account.



Projects that WON: 2.nd 3.rd
Honourable mention:


Our first Lithuanian kindergarden

We are proud to present you our first modular kindergarden in Lithuania. We have manufactured more than one school and kindergarden in our long years in this business, but this is our first kindergarden which remained in Lithuania!


You can read about this more at: Lietuvos diena

Education is the key

Our technical personnel is learning English before work, now that's a dedication for your work! And everything is just to be able to work effectively and efficiently here and away from home.

Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015 registration summary

Statistical view registred participants in this Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015 competition:

Indonesia 5 Kazakhstan 2
Serbia 5 Romania 2
Portugal 4 Slovakia 2
Albania 3 the Netherlands 2
Egypt 3 Armenia 1
Ethiopia 3 Belarus 1
Greece 3 Brasil 1
Malaysia 3 Czech republic 1
Pakistan 3 Japan 1
Philippines 3 Kenya 1
South Korea 2 Macedonia 1
Turkey 3 Peru 1
Australia 2 Saudi Arabia 1
Bangladesh 2 South Africa 1
Canada 2 Sweden 1
Cyprus 2 Taiwan 1
Estonia 2 Thailand 1
Germany 2 United Kingdom 1
Hungary 2    

All participants cover 47 countries and thats about 1/4 of all world countries!!!

Ryterna modul participants cover 47 countries of the world

Blue countries are participating in this competition

Suomen Vuokrakontti invites to visit them at a trade fair

Suomen Vuokrakontti invites you to visit them at Subcontracting Trade Fair from 15th till  the 17th of September 2015 in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.
Further details about this trade fair can be found HERE.

Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015

We are back and ready to announce a second international competition for architects - Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015

This year our eyes and attention are aimed at social housing. With attention to asylum seekers this year we aim our competition to solve the problem of social houses aimed at asylum seekers well being

The best 3 works will be awarded in cash prizes :
1st place – 1 000 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 250 EUR

Here are the dates to be aware of:

  • End of registration - 2015 September 28th
  • Submission of the final work - end 2015 November 27th 23:59 EET/UTC+2h
  • Competition results announcement - 2015 December  11th

Competition page

Let us remind you of the last year winners for designing a student dormitory:




1st place

2nd place

3rd place


Go-karts 2015

This year, "Ryterna modul" opened go-kart season in indoor kart track. In this race we aimed at showing the best lap time instead of the laps completed. Just like last year, the first place winner became Darius M. with more than a second ahead of the second place time. Congratulations Darius!

Pilot Best lap time (s)
Darius M. 29.293
Vainius G. 30.633
Andrius O. 30.805
Irmantas Č. 31.078
Gediminas Z. 31.412
Linas M. 31.623
Donatas K. 32.184
Mindaugas Š. 33.280
Donatas P. 35.409


ryterna modul


Saint Jonas name-day

Saint Jonas' Festival (aka: Rasos (Dew Holiday), Joninės, Kupolė, Midsummer Day or St. John's Day) is a midsummer folk festival celebrated from June 23 evening till June 24 all around Lithuania.

While midsummer day is celebrated throughout Europe, many Lithuanians have a particularly lively agenda on this day. The traditions include singing songs and dancing until the sun sets, telling tales, searching to find the magic fern blossom at midnight, jumping over bonfires, greeting the rising midsummer sun and washing the face with a morning dew, young girls float flower wreaths on the water of river or lake. These are customs brought from pagan culture and beliefs. Once upon a time the Balts Lithuanians celebrated the feast of Rasos, made sacrifices to pagan gods, and priestesses incited the altar fire. Only when Christianity came to Lithuania, this festival was identified with St. John name-day and since then was called Joninės (St. John's). Lithuanians with the names Jonas, Jonė, Janina receive many greetings from their family, relatives and friends.

We congratulated our fiend and colleague Jonas with his name-day!


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