Our MOVE modules on their way to ICELAND

Our first batch of MOVE modules that will experience such long trip by ship to ICELAND.  Fingers crossed everything goes well!

CEO gets older! And we are happy.

Based on quick Google search on "the best things that are aged at 50 years" one of the links provided stood out, it was written by the and the article was called "Ten things a man over 50 should never do". So the list goes on like this:

1. Ride a scooter

2. Take ecstasy

3. Wear shorts in the city

4. Stay in a backpacker hostel

5. Vote Green

6. Try to get a six-pack

7. Wear a baseball cap

8. Wear 'cool' t-shirts

9. Listen to FM radio

10. Wear skinny jeans

So, lets get away from module homes for a while and take a look at these things and compare them to our CEO who by the way turn to that magic number that represents half the century today.

Number one on the list - Scooter.

Well, he will use scooter to travel between administration and assembly line to save that preciouses and valuable time and this is not for a reason that it is fun and foolish - no, its solely for time saving.

Number two on the list - Ecstasy.

We believe that this does not require any explanation, don't do drugs, never.

Number three on the list - Don't wear shorts in the city.

Well, we could debate on this issue and when you get to old to wear shorts. But we think he wears them appropriately.

Number four - Stay in a backpacker hostel.

Knowing his nature and open - minded approach for traveling - he would say no way, but we hope he saved enough to allow himself not to stay at those places, but those places are still an option right?

Number five - Vote Green.

He is concerned about environment he lives in and what he will leave to his grandchildren some day, so that will no longer be a case, when the company gets' rid of his 3.6 V6 Passat. But don't rush, we still have a plenty of time and we definitely have a plenty of green cars here.

Number six - Try to get a six-pack.

We do not have an issue here. Moving on.

Number seven - Wear a baseball cap.

Well he has never been a hard baseball cap wearer ever, so he once again fine.

Number eight - Wear 'cool' t-shirts.

That’s going to be a problem. As he is known to wear that kind of T-shirts, not to work, but he uses them often.

Number nine - Listen to FM radio.

As stated by the he is ok if he listens to "ABC classic Fm", trust us, he is OK, as majority of his programed radio stations in the car are News filled with monotonic voices.

Finally, number ten - Wear skinny jeans.

He never wore to tight jeans, but also he hated to be to lose. So we believe he wears just the right ones and the appropriate ones to his age.


So how to sum it all up?

He acts like 35, looks like 45, and listens to radio in the car like a 70 year old, so yeah, everything is exactly where it should be - exactly at 50!

Ryterna modul CEO at 50!


Bowling championship for our employees

Probably it is the first time then we had arranged event only for our employees to take part in. And well, it was a sucessfull one, every one was enjoying the fun time with their friends, having a chit chat outside of company premises and hitting strikes.

We invite you to visit our partners to Subcontracting fair

Themes for 2016: digitalization and leadership

Productivity is the magic word of the moment in every workshop and office.

The International Subcontracting Trade Fair 2016 tackles this challenge with the tools provided by digitalization and leadership. During 27–29 September, Finland’s leading industry trade fair brings together companies, experts and decision-makers to discuss the effect digitalization has on industry and how lean management can be applied, among other things, to people management.

The Subcontracting Trade Fair, to be held in Tampere, has been sold out again this year, and a record number of international exhibitors will participate.

In fair look for our partner - Suomen Vuokrakontti

Cultivating curiosity and creativity

Ryterna modul worksop 1:1

Constantly working with fellow architects we try to give something for their community back, this year we support their workshop called "1:1" or "one to one", their idea in this workshop is to build a floating love house!

The smiles and joys of august!

This year brought so much action in august that we could stay put. We were the mains sponsors of Ryterna modul Mototourism rally 2016 an event there bikers travel around Lithuania with a purpose to visit as much check points as possible in given time of 9 hours. As we also participated we were very happy to see so many unseen places to us here in our country in which we thought we have seen everything, but it seems not. Than you organizers for such a great event. We promise to be with you and next year!

Ryterna modul mototurizmo ralis Ryterna modul mototturizmo ralis 2016
Ryterna modul mototturizmo ralis 2016 Ryterna modul mototturizmo ralis 2016

The other event was our fishing championship were we and our partners had a great time catching fish, playing team games and enjoying summer to the fullest.

Ryterna modul žvejybos varžybos 2016 Ryterna modul žvejybos varžybos 2016
Ryterna modul žvejybos varžybos 2016 Ryterna modul žvejybos varžybos 2016
Ryterna modul žvejybos varžybos 2016

And finally, we ended summer with the bang of shooting games, which was initiated by Ryterna on its 23rd birthday occasion.

Ryternos 23 gimtadienis Ryternos 23 gimtadienis
Ryternos 23 gimtadienis Ryternos 23 gimtadienis

Thank you summer and hello autumn!

We are excellent welders!

We received a certificate stating that our welding skills are excellent!

Saulė Gymnasium students visit at Ryterna modul

A few weeks ago Ryterna modul had received visitors from Saulė Gymnasium, students were introduced to manufacturing workshops, of what tasks consist every departments work day and who does what. They were also introduced to our product range and options, to which countries we export to, vividly described the production capacity and introduced the company's history, and told what they need to achieve in their life and what has to be done in order to join our team.


Season 2016 Episode 1 - Go kart races

On 2016-05-16 the first 2016 Season Go kart races occurred, in which  a bunch of Ryterna modul team mates participated and competed, on the podium we almost haven't had any surprises except for Gediminas Z. exceptional  race on the final run allowing him to score the third place in the races. Yet the biggest WOW factor was given to all participants and spectators at the time by Irmantas Č. with his spectacular crash into safety barrier (from now on holding the title of THE CRASH OF THE YEAR)!