Ryterna Modul Mototourism Rally 2017

Ryterna modul Mototourism Rally

After a success of previous year Mototourism Rally event our company is proud to be a main sponsor in this year’s event too. We are very happy to see that this event grows every year and attracts more and more participants, gains more attention and best of all improves culture between motorcycle owners/riders and car drivers, as well as, improves our cultural understanding about our country, its past, traditions and the things we appreciate the most. If by any chance you are able to take part in Mototourism Rally (no matter if it’s by motorcycle or car) please do so, you will be amazed!

Worth to mention, this rally is not about your speed, and driving skills, it's quite opposite, it's about your planning and abilities to cover the biggest number of points in shortest time and kilometres possible. And most of all it's about curiosity and passion to find new things!


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