Ryterna modul Architectural Challange 2016 CODE: Restaurant


Winners of our Challange 2016

Finally, the day that all of you have been waiting for. Today is the day then we will present to you our third international competition winners! First, of all we would like to say thank you for all of you amazing people – participants and jury, who put thought and energy into this competition, without you our competition would litteraly fail. We are very happy to have participants from all around the globe bringing different ideas, viewpoints to our competition objectives each year.

Now about the winning projects:

Together with our jury members Aivaras Vozgirdas, Andrius Orlovas, Donatas Cesiulis, Elisa Nicoletto, Giacomo Caputo, Ignas Uogintas, Kęstutis Vaikšnoras  on last Friday we selected the winner works for this year challenge – restaurant. Selecting first place winner was quite easy, it was ranked high in all jury evaluations and was ranked in first or second position in all reviews giving no chance to other works, and it was the first such monogamous decision from our jury members in all of these three years time!

Second place was ranked lower in place rankings, but was found in majority of jury reviews, key element of that project was architecture, its looks and feel.

Third place was debated between two projects, one which showed a completely different approach to modular buildings and how it was designed, one of our jury members named it as a brain spill – opening your head and spilling all of your ideas into one sheet of paper, there was so much going on in a single sheet of paper! The other project, was very realistic, down to earth, just take it and build it right know approach, which has ability to be easily adapted to different situations. Yet we decided to stay with the first project, we wanted to encourage nontraditional thinking and this way hopefully to fuel future creativity in architecture as life doesn’t follow strict rules all of the time.
But just as a last year we would like to highlight honorable mention, a project that came very close to a third place.

Projects that won:

Link to VIDEO

Ryterna modul architectural Challnge 2016 Code: Restaurant

1st place – Foodhouse (LT) - Milda Naujalyte, Arminas Sadzevicius

2nd place – Cloud (BG) - Toska Kalinova, Vladimir Enchev

3rd place – AMF11317 (CA) - Suhaib Bhatti

Ryterna modul - Food House / Restaurant

Ryterna modul - Cloud / Restaurant

Ryterna modul - AMF11317 / Restaurant


Honorable mention:  9876543210 – Magic box (PL) - Lea Kazanecka-Olejnik
Ryterna modul - Magic box / Restaurant


Let's meet our winners!

First place: Milda Naujalytė ir Arminas Sadzevičius

They both work and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both architects graduated and received their Master’s degree in Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Milda currently works for Henning Larsen, Arminas for Adept, besides work there they have their own personal projects that they are working on, one of the projects was this Ryterna modul Competition

You can take a look at the portfolios of their works here:



Their opinion about project and this competition:

"This competition is a good chance to take a creative approach at modular construction. Our offered solution highlights esthetics of modular units instead of hiding it. Project joins functional scheme and clear iconic form. One special roof element allows to create special interior space and lighting."


Second place: Toska Kalinova and Vladimir Enchev

Winners currently are 5th Year Architecture Students in VSU Luben Karavelov – Sofia, Bulgaria. As they say "We get well with communicating, teamwork and almost everything." Furthermore they are both currently working/doing internship, but in different Architectural Studios.

You can take a look at the portfolios of their works here:




Third Place: Suhaib Bhatti

He is currently at the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture, where works as a Research assistant for the Buoyant Foundation Project, a teaching assistant for advanced visualizations and analysis, and working towards completing a Master's research and design thesis. He previously worked in Toronto as an urban designer, and Holland as an architecture and urban design intern. His design interests are widespread, but can be summarized as non-traditional visualization, mapping, and contemporary urban & water issues. His personal urban research and design work can be found at Outsider Spatial Design.

You can take a look at his portfolio here

His opinion about project and this competition:
"I took this year's challenge as an opportunity to speak about the ways in which modular, industrialized buildings can maintain meaningful relationships specific to the location in which they are deployed. Oftentimes when we think of modular, or pre-fabricated the mind tends towards thinking of mass-produced concepts: repeatable forms that have more to do with manufacturing than with the site or an architectural intervention. Of course, this is not the case: even a brick is a module, and what we can achieve with it is up to the architect's vision. In this same way, I was aiming to create my own modular language capable of mass-production like the brick, but also harnessing an inherent need for the architect to assemble the components in a meaningful way that responds to the specific conditions of the site. Hence the motto: meaningful, modular."

Thank you every body for joining our competition and we hope to see you next year!

Hello creative souls!

We are very happy to see so many of you interested in our competitions each year and that you cover such a diverse range of countries! A total of 63 countries are participating in our competition, bringing a total number of all participants to a whopping 461 people represented in 330 teams and individual participants!

All countries that are participating:

We believe that this year we will receive an amazing number of works, revealing your passion for architecture design, ideas and unconventional solutions for possible problems or ways on how to simplify some areas and maintain their appeal to customers.

Just to go ahead of your questions regarding Project ID number, this number is given to project by you, we will not send any ID numbers that are preassigned to your entry. So you can use any combination of letters and/or number to name your project.

Be sure to like our Facebook page and/or LinkedIn to be sure not to miss our next year competition.

Rules and regulations: HERE

Location files: DXF and PDF

if you filled our questionnaire you are in our competition, there is no separate email confirming this.


We are very proud to announce our third international competition for architects - Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2016 CODE: Restaurant

We worked hard to give you something interesting to participate in and to add more, we even searched for possible investors ahead of competition, so this year we will have a possible investor sitting side-by-side with us and giving his vote (together with other jury members) to select best architectural work from all of the works presented by you.

To go on, even more good news, on our Jury you will find last year competition winner Elisa Nicolletto and two time 3rd place winner in our competition Donatas Cesiulis! This time they will be working together with other experienced architects, company CEO and Investor on selecting the best 3 works.

The AIM of this year challenge is to present a restaurant build from modules. And this year, all the participants have to work on one single area, and we have specified there the area is, so please be aware of this and download necessary file to work on.


The best 3 works will be awarded in cash prizes:
1st place – 1 000 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 250 EUR

Here are the dates to be aware of:

  • End of registration - 2016 October 31st
  • Submission of the final work - 2016 November 28th 23:59 EET/UTC+2h
  • Competition results announcement: 2016 December 16th

Rules and regulations: HERE

Location files: DXF and PDF


For the ones that are curios, what has happened in previous competitions you could take a look at them here: Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2015 and Competition for architects 2014


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