Contest for Architects


UPDATE 2014.04.03
Here you can check what projects we received: Received project list
(listing number and order of projects listed in file are random and has nothing to do with evaluation)


1. I still did not received any ID/motto for the competition, am I in the competition?
Yes, if you received a confirmation that you are in the competition, project ID/motto is given to your project by you, it is kind of the name of your project on which we (I and you) will be able to track your work progress and comments about your work. This is because jury will not know anything about who designed that particular project or from what country did it come from.


2. Is there any specific location for the building?

3. It is mentioned that building should work all year round, would it have to deal with harsh winters?
There is no specific location for the building, but preferably yes.
4. What means "it can be stacked in 3 levels"?
It means that building can have: ground floor, first floor and second floor.

5. Can building be taller than 3 levels?
Yes, but you have to design supporting structure for the building, as do to the structural limitations building can be only up to 3 levels.
6. Can modules be different in size and shape?
Yes, modules can have different sizes which do not exceed maximum provided dimensions of 9000x2990x3100(h) mm (keep in mind this is outer dimensions). Yes you can offer different shapes for modules, but this will increase its cost and construction time, which will reduce your score in "Ability to adjust proposed modules to production" category.
7. Can kitchen and laundry room be placed in...?
Yes, you can design kitchen and laundry room in every floor or just in one floor, it is fully up to you to decide what is the best way where to put those facilities or any kind of other facilities that you want to include.
8. If you join two modules together is it necessary to leave a common wall?
No, all walls can be removed if necessary leaving only the frame to support weight.
9. Should common space be design using modules?
Yes, all building should be based on modular system design.


10. Can I submit my final work only by the email?
Yes, yet we prefer both hard and digital copies. If you send your final work by email, use cloud based sharing sites for files bigger than 20MB, then sending files right down the email with which you registered in the competition. Teams should use the email of the team captain (the one that was written on the top part of the registration form).
UPDATE 2014.02.11

We should say - WOW! We didn't expected so much of you to show interest in our compatition, but we are trully HAPPY and excited to see with what you will come up with!

After final entrants listed in our sheets, we can reveal that we have almost a total of 400 of individuals and teams registred to compete for the main prize.

Ladies and Gentelmen brief statistics for your interest:

Number of registred teams: 159 Total number of countries participating: 57
Number of registred individuals: 234 Total number of all registered participants: 659
Top 10 countries: 1. India
2. Poland
3. Russia
4. United States of America
5. Iran
6. Lithuania
7. Ukraine
8. Italy
9. South Korea
10. United Kingdom




This year (probably we should say next year - 2014) we will have a competition for architects!
Like last year, competition aim is the use of modular construction techniques, and this year we have established some guidelines (which, we hope, will make it easier to focus on your thoughts direction), what we expect from the contestant in up-coming 2014?  The project for student dormitory!
We want to see how you can imagine a modern dormitory constructed using modular construction as a key element.

Contest prizes:

Ist place - 2500LTL

IInd place - 800LTL

IIIrd place - 400LTL

Key Dates:
Registration is open until 2014 February 10th CLOSED
The contestant should submit final work until 2014 April 01st (inclusive)
Contest results and announcement of winners 2014 April 17th


Contest condition  Download
Registration form   Download
Registration form (for team)  Download

Scaned and signed registration forms should be submitted (to until 2014 February 10th 

Here you can take a look at last year's contestant's works:

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