Other equipment

Various types of bed-cabinets

Heated floor

Drywall system with EI60

Ceramic tiles

External or internal stairs and landings

Advertising and ornamental parapets

Single and double pitched roofs

Windows and showcases according to ordered measurements (plastic, aluminium)

Auxiliary safety installations: window bars, door beams

Plumbing on demand

Copper pipes

Kitchenette or kitchen with special furniture

Lockers (heated, ventilated)

A variety of furniture: tables, stools, cupboards

Ornamental and protective outer and inner wall surfaces

Air conditioners, inverters

Various floor coverings for your needs (non-slip corrugated steel/ALU, impregnated plywood)

Ornamental and protective outer and inner wall surfaces

Installation of your equipment

Facilities for the disabled

Heating boilers, fireplaces

Sectional automatic gates

Fecal drainage tanks

Load-bearing roof and floor structures


PVC canopies above doors or windows

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